Melody Bear classes / Richmond, Kew, and Online

"Amelie loves her classes and I’ve been really impressed with her progress and increasing independence. Your support has been invaluable. "
Sally Dell, mother of Amelie & Sasha

Celebrating your child’s natural response to music

The Melody Bear Little Feet syllabus encourages rhythm, physical development, co-ordination, spatial awareness and social skills. In every class the pupils learn action songs and use props and simple ballet dance movements to ensure easy transition to the next level. Parents/carers share the adventures of Melody Bear in this class and participate as much or as little as they like.

Melody's Reward Scheme

At the end of each class the children are awarded with a Melody Bear sticker for their own certificate. This provides the child with a real sense of achievement. Once 12 stickers have been collected the pupil is receives a Red One Star Badge. From there we work towards our Blue Two Star and Purple Three Star Badges.

If you are not sure which class would be suitable for your child, then we are happy to give you advice. Please contact Suze, or view our Richmond timetable, Kew timetable or St Margarets timetable.